StowLogic is a system to manage information about the things you have in storage. You can use StowLogic for your home, business or most any other type of organization. It helps you track your containers, what they contain and where they are stored. StowLogic can be used for any kind of storage, like your household belongings, collections, and even what is in the freezer.

User Interface

StowLogic provides a browser based interface that looks good on both your desktop and mobile screens. At anytime, you can access your account to look up where something is stored and easily update containers' information. For any container, you can describe the contents, select the kind of container and specify it's location. You can also manage information about your storage locations such as it's description and if it offers climate control. This is useful for ensuring that items are protected in the right climate.

QR Code Enabled

With StowLogic, you can print or order QR code stickers (coming soon) that you can put on any container and link it to the container in the system. Anytime you scan the QR code on your phone, you can directly access the information that you have for the container. This helps you know what is in a container without unpacking it and knowing when the container was placed at a location.